Conference Room

Lezsco is a hospitality organisation, a beautifully designed and well architectured Apartment that is best for any type of stay. We care a lot about the comfort of our guests and strive to always reach them at their point of demand. We operate in a tranquil environment that often permit any kind of relaxation without distractions. Lezsco luxury apartment hotels is always open 24hrs in a week, our front desk officers are consistently on alert to welcoming our dear guest anytime, any day. We have a spacious surrounding with green covered trees and a rear garden that allows you to stroll around and have a feel of natures gift, making you feel at home.

Lezsco luxury is attractive in its relaxed ambience and strategic location. Our guests are shielded from city noise and distractions. This allows for concentration and creates room for passion and deep attraction which is excellent for business, leisure and relationship (for the family)